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Pat Neely's All Purpose Seasoning

Pat Neely's All Purpose Seasoning

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You know him from his cooking show on the Food Network, Downhome with the Neelys.  Now he's back and introducing his newest All Purpose Seasoning.  Let's hear about it in his own words!

"My All Purpose blend is the perfect mix of spices that all home cooks as well as chefs should have on hand.  Made with everyday spices that are found in many recipes and combining them in the proper amounts and ratios.  Fee free to add my blend to any dish to enhance its flavor profile.

Some Suggested Uses:

  • Add my AP seasoning before cooking to flavor meat, vegetables, fish or seafood.
  • If flavoring stews or soups, add the seasoning to the meats prior to cooking  For extra flavor, you can add more after it is cooked.
  • Don't limit yourself to just prepared meals.  Try it on popcorn, french fries, in dips, etc.  With my All Pourpose Seasoning, the possibilities are truly endless."